Eye Examinations

An eye examination is an essential component of regular health checks. The standard eyetest includes a check of your vision and also a look at the overall health of your eyes.

Appointments can be made by calling Monday through Saturday on 5428 4100.

Eye exams are billed to Medicare, although some extra tests are not covered. Eye tests include a thorough assessment of eye health as well as determining your need for spectacles.

Some of the eyetests done include:

  • thorough assessment of eye health
  • spectacle prescriptions
  • cataract assessment
  • diabetes eye examinations
  • glaucoma detection, monitoring and co-management
  • macular degeneration assessment
  • children’s vision
  • digital retinal photography
  • OCT Optical Coherence Tomography
  • contact lens fitting
  • colour vision testing

Sometimes drops will be used, and the optometrist will advise you if you will need someone to drive you home.

Contact Lens Consultations

Contact lenses are available in single vision as well as multifocals.

Contact lens consultations include:

  • Fitting of single vision and multi focal contact lenses
  • discussion of what type of lens best suits you.
  • trial fitting of a lens to your prescription
  • teaching you how to insert and remove your contact lenses
  • aftercare visit to ensure you are adapting to your new lenses
  • refitting of private label contact lenses

These consultations are available Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday by appointment only, and are charged to the patient. Medicare may pay for contact lens consultations with certain prescriptions.